Hair Hacks: Bed Head

Hair Hacks: Bed Head
5th April 2018 Mr Barbers

Hair Hacks: Bed Head

Ever find yourself wondering why you can’t style your hair like they do at the Barbers/salon?

Bed head is your ultimate enemy here, basically whatever way your hair drys that’s how it will stay unless you do something about it. As your hair drys and the moisture is drawn away from the hair, whatever direction your hair sits will be how it will want to stay for the rest of the day or until it’s been washed and brushed through.

Think about this: When you have a haircut no matter how long or short your hair is, your stylist/Barber spends approx 30 minutes combing your wet hair whilst cutting it. This in effect will neutralise any unwanted bed head influence you have and put you in good stead to start styling your hair how you want it.

This is why good Barbers/Hairdressers will spend time washing and blow drying your hair before adding product. You need to have your hair styled in the direction you want it before adding product unless you are lucky enough to have a style that compliments your hair growth pattern.
This image shows an example of hairstyles in which would be easy maintenance as the models hair growth compliments the direction of natural hair growth, you can even just wash and thoroughly towel dry styles like these before adding product and texture.

Here we have a great example of Longer that is a higher maintenance hairstyle, the natural hair growth is against the style of Baileys Hair and so requires washing (neutralise direction) and then blow drying to create the desired direction for this style. 
Credits: hair by Jak Finch and Sam Prior
Article: Sam Prior
Photo: David Donnan