COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy
12th May 2020 Grace King

Post COVID-19 Re-Opening Policy


  • 100% Appointments only – NO walk ins.
  • 100% Cardless – NO cash
  • Appointment times to be 10 mins longer than the average haircut time to avoid customers overlapping and to allow time to properly follow the sanitisation procedures
  • Due to longer appointment times and fewer barbers being allowed in the shop at once, shops will operate longer opening hours / open Sundays – This is aimed to
    • Provide more shifts for barbers to work
    • Provide more booking slots for customers to get serviced
  • Haircut prices to be increased to reflect the cost of PPE and the extra time / work involved for each cut
  • No beard trims / shaves until further notice

Shop rules

  • Social distancing measures to be applied to the shop. 2m spacing where possible. A Shops need to work out the best plan as to which cutting stations can be used to keep safe separation
  • Hand sanitiser pump at entrance to every shop with sign insisting on use before entry
  • If a customer appears ill, it is your right to refuse to cut their hair
  • Nobody is allowed to use waiting area unless they are a parent of a child getting their haircut. Only one parent allowed in the shop to supervise. Anyone arriving early for an appointment must wait outside until their allotted appointment time
  • Everybody in the shop MUST wear a face mask. If a customer does not have a face mask it is to be provided for them by the shop at an additional fee
  • Doors to be left open at all times to allow gentle air circulation so germs leave the shop
  • Air-conditioning units to be only be on low. This is to keep the air moving out of the shop but not blowing germs between customers and barbers
  • Where possible, barbers should be split into teams. These teams are to work in shifts which do not overlap. This is to protect the barbers and the business. If a barber gets the virus, all barbers they have worked with have to go into two-week self-isolation. By working in teams, only the barbers in the infected team has to go into self-isolation, leaving the other team to continue working. If you do not have teams and a barber gets the virus, all the barbers will have to go into self-isolation and the shop closed.


  • Customers must have washed clean hair for the appointment (this will be messaged to them the day before their appointment)
  • Barber and customer to wear face masks at all times
  • Face masks must be changed every 4 hours
  • New disposable gown to be used for each customer. Safely disposed of after cut
  • New disposable barber apron to be used for each customer. Safely disposed of after cut
  • Protective face shields available upon request but not compulsory
  • No hairdryers to be used – these spread the virus around the shop
  • When cutting around the ear, do NOT remove the customers face mask. Either tie behind neck or get customer to hold in place while cutting that area
  • No product to be used out of a puck or dispenser that could cause cross contamination. The only products permissible to be used are the spray style products e.g. Hair Spray, Sea Salt Spray etc
  • Disposable towels to be used if needed on customers and must be safely disposed of after usage
  • In-between customers
    • All disposable safety wear to be disposed of properly
    • All barbering equipment to be cleaned using the correct methods – UV lamp / Barbercide etc
    • Used neck brush to go in UV lamp. Barbers need to have two neck brushes, one for use on the next customer and one sterilising.
    • Whole customer area to be wiped down with antibacterial agent – antibacterial wipes or antibacterial spray with disposable paper towel. This includes work surfaces and the barber chair
    • Whole area properly swept, and hair put in the bin, NOT in a pile in the corner
  • Once the area and equipment has been properly sanitised ready for the next customer
    • Hands and lower arms to be thoroughly washed with soap
    • Hands dried with disposable paper towels
    • Hands and lower arm to be thoroughly covered in sanitising gel before next customer*
  • Use antibacterial wipes / spray on the shop phone before and after use
  • Shops need to have 15 min ‘closed’ gap in the middle of the day for a full deep clean. Where possible this should be in between shift changes
  • Shops to have a full sanitising deep clean at the end of each day.

*Thoroughly washing hands and lower arm and then applying antibacterial gel is the safest way to work. The antibacterial gel stays active on the skin for up to 4 hours and will kill any virus germs that land on the skin. Germs landing on gloves stay contagious. If a barber would prefer to wear gloves, they need to wear 2 pairs and change the top pair in-between customers