• 11-year-old Hornchurch boy shaves his head to raise awareness of ADHD charity

    An 11-year-old boy from Hornchurch who has ADHD has raised more than £1,500 by shaving his hair off to help save an important social skills class his younger brother goes to. Ben Wales shaved his hair off and raised £1,500 that helped keep an important social skills class his little brother with ADHD goes to going. Ben Wales, and his…

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  • MOBAA’S Award Winners 2018

    MR.BARBERS WINS BEST BUSINESS LEADER BARBER AWARD. MR. Barbers are turning heads again scooping Best Business Leader at The Modern Barber Awards 2018. Mr Barbers are extremely proud to announce we received ‘Best Business Leader’ in the 2018 Modern Barber Awards. MR Barbers is a family of 25 shops coming together to share their wealth of experience and take the barbering industry by…

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  • Hair Hacks: Bed Head

    Hair Hacks: Bed Head Ever find yourself wondering why you can’t style your hair like they do at the Barbers/salon? Bed head is your ultimate enemy here, basically whatever way your hair drys that’s how it will stay unless you do something about it. As your hair drys and the moisture is drawn away from the hair, whatever direction your…

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