Hair Replacement System

Non-surgical hair replacement systems


By the age of 35, approximately 66% of men will have experienced some degree of hair loss. Whether this be heredity, medical or part of the inevitable aging, our custom hair replacement systems are here to restore your confidence.


Non-surgical hair systems offer a non-invasive, budget-friendly, and quick solution for men experiencing hair loss or thinning. 

Continuously Wear Our Hair System For Up To 4 Weeks





1. Consultation


To begin your new hair journey, book in a consultation with one of our specialists. Here we will discuss your concerns and assess the extent and pattern of your hair loss. You’ll have the opportunity to express your goals and desired outcomes.


Our consultation is £10 and will last around 20 minutes.

2. Fitting


Based on the consultation, our team will customise a hair system tailored to your needs. This includes selecting the appropriate type, style and colour.


During your fitting appointment, we will cut your hair if required and carefully attach the system. Our hair specialists will ensure that the fit is comfortable and that the system looks natural.


We charge £500 for our hair replacement systems.

3. Maintenance


Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and natural appearance of the hair system.


Maintenance does depend on your lifestyle but we recommend booking in every 2-4 weeks. Each appointment includes removing the system, thoroughly cleaning it and cutting your existing hair, if necessary.


Each maintenance appointment cost £50..


A non-surgical hair system, also known as hairpieces and hair replacements, are alternatives to surgical hair restoration procedures such as hair transplants.


These human hair systems are designed to cover areas of baldness or thinning hair and provide the appearance of a full head of hair. 

Here at MR Barbers, our hair systems are technologically advanced and extremely natural-looking. They are made from 100% natural hair that will integrate with your own hair seamlessly.


The hair system will be undetectable and unnoticaeable.

The hair replacement system does not need to be removed at any point other than during your maintenance appointment.


The bond will last up to 4 weeks before you need to book in your refit. 

Our hair system will stay on your head for up to 4 weeks.


They are incredible resilient and will stay firmly in place for all your daily activities, including showering, working out, swimming, and even walking in high winds.