• I originally met Karl and Sam over 15 years ago as I was their Saturday boy when I was at school. At 16 I left to pursue a career in the Royal Marines. During my 10 years in the marines and private security work, we kept in touch as we also became good friends. At 28 I decided to get involved again and Sam and the team trained me up to start working as a barber. Once I was ready, they helped support me in taking over and setting up the first MR franchise in Bury St Edmund's.

    I have been a shop owner now for nearly 4 years. I first took over Bury St Edmunds shop in January 2015.  I have gone on to open 4 and these opening so quickly is down to having a great team of people working with me and for me. Tom Old started working for me in Bury straight after my takeover and we shared the same passion, work ethic and hunger to succeed. The next 3 shops have been opened with him and my Wife Kerry.

    Everyone now contributes to the success of the shops, from the juniors to the managers. It goes without saying that the strength of the brand has been a great factor in attracting the right people into the business.

    Working with MR. has been a great life choice for me and it is something that keeps improving as the brand is getting stronger. There are more and more benefits and opportunities, not only for me but for my staff as we can bring career progression and new and exciting roles within the company.

    Working with the brand has benefited me so much as I have been able to expand and progress so much quicker in business. The main thing that I have learned about business is that there are so many more benefits when being part of something as a team. The brand is there to support you, so you do not make any silly mistakes when starting out which dramatically increases your chance of being successful.

    My biggest advice to anybody looking at opening a MR. Shop is that MR. will set you up for success and get the initial custom and barbers in the door. Your staff are your single most important aspect to your business in my opinion. If you get them to buy into your ethos and show them that you care about them it will reflect on the success of your shop when your back is turned.

    Mark Lovell
    Mark Lovell Shop Owner
  • “I first joined Mr Barbers when I was shy, spotty, 1 back and sides short on top with the fringe flicked up 14-year-old, my mum took me for a haircut in a newly opened MR. in Haverhill. Whilst I was having my haircut my mum asked Karl and Sam if there were any Saturday jobs going and within a week I think I was sweeping the floors and haven’t paid for a haircut since.

    I used to work every Saturday which quickly progressed into 3-4 days a week after school and before I knew it I was shaving lines and bleaching my mate’s hair when I was 15 years old.

    I worked in Haverhill for the best part of 10 years before I travelled for a few years, working in Australia along the way. When I returned I was welcomed back by MR. with open arms and a chair waiting for me when I was ready to work again which I’m very grateful for. I then worked at MR. Haverhill again for 1-2 years before deciding to relocate to London.

    With no MR. shops in London or the surrounding areas at the time I settled at another barbershop for a while, which was great but at the same time the earning potential wasn’t on par as what I’ve been used to with MR. and the flexibility of holiday time didn’t suit me, so as soon as MR. Enfield opened I jumped at the chance to manage that shop where I currently am working now.

    Chair rental can seem scary to start with but trust me the earning potential is much higher and your much more inclined to work harder as you can earn a lot more money as opposed to being on 50/50 or a wage.

    For me, the biggest benefits are the earning potential and flexibility of holiday time. Also, the shops are kitted out very well which make your working experience a lot more comfortable and easier.

    If you want an easier working life then MR. should be your next stop.

    Lee MainlandMR. Enfield
  • “Why did I join MR? MR. Barbers were the only shop local to me that I actually wanted to work in. The shop looked great, modern and trendsetting. I knew that I would fit well in the shop and immediately felt appreciated.

    The chair rental scheme makes me work much harder because everything I earn after the first few haircuts is mine. It motivates me and gives me a reason to wake up in the morning, which in turn makes me more money to enjoy holidays and time with my Mrs.

    Working for MR. has so many benefits. The perkbox is great, but the brand itself is innovative. They lead the way, the fact that the management listens to my thoughts and ideas and answer all my questions means a lot to me. I won an award in my first year with MR. too which made me feel recognized.

    If you are thinking of joining, don’t give it a second thought. I never knew I could be so happy whilst being self-employed.”

    Ashton Joseph
    Ashton Joseph MR. Braintree
  • Having finished working for a previous employer and becoming self-employed, I was looking for a different challenge in life. Previously I’d dismissed the business through lack of knowledge of the barbering industry and uncertainty with earning potential.  When I sat down and revisited the business model I realised that with the right shop the business could be extremely good. I opened my first shop in May 2016. It went from strength to strength within a period of 3-6 months. I thrived on the success of the shop and wanted to do it all over again in a different location, so I opened my second!

    Being part of MR. is like having an extended family! Watching the company grow in size within a matter of just a few years has been incredible.

    I’ve met some amazing people, learnt a lot about a completely new industry and extended my knowledge of the property industry to have a good understanding of commercial property and commercial leases.

    My advice to anyone looking to open their own MR shop is to spend some time researching areas to establish what location will be best, size of the shop, compare competitors and their price list in order to maximise the profit and accelerate growth. The most important thing of all, in my opinion, are the barbers!  They are the face of the business and the ones who will make it work. Treat them how you’d want to be treated, listen to their suggestions as well and work with them not against them.

    Glenn Coombe Licensing Executive – Chelmsford & Colchester